BAUR Road Show

The new cable test van titron on tour in the Baltic States, Belarus and Russia

Photos and information of the titron tour


Lithuania, Port of Klaipeda

Cable fault location with SIM/MIM method.


Lithuania, Šiauliaiu

Cable fault location on a 10 kV XLPE cable


Latvia, Riga

Cable fault location and diagnostics for Railways Latvia.


Latvia, Riga

Cable fault location and diagnostics for Sadales Tikls.


Estonia, Tallin

Cable fault location and pinpointing of a defect joint


Estonia, Narwa

Cable fault location in the rural grids.

25. - 26.05.2015

Russia, St. Petersburg

Technical Workshop with specialists from the northwestern regions of Russia and cable fault location in the field.

01. - 03.06.2015

Russia, Moscow

Presentation of titron and portable BAUR devices at a conference and technical workshop.


Russia, Moscow

Presentation, exhibition and technical workshop.

08. - 09.06.2015

Belarus, Minsk

Conference and technical workshop.